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Bitcoin ($BTC) Technical Analysis [09/02]

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This is not financial/investment advice.

In this video, I offer a technical analysis of Bitcoin (BTC) using price action and some technical indicators.

This video focuses on the intraday ascending channel on Bitcoin ($BTC) and the prospect of facing serious resistance at the 9.2-9.2k level.

The breakout on the D1 RSI and how it may affect momentum in Bitcoin is also discussed.

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  1. Tom Dubowski 14 February, 2018 at 06:46 Reply

    A few points …. Why I do love your analysis there are a few thing I think you should be changing for crypto. The 200 day MA is mainly for retail trader, crypto tends to use Fib levels (13,26,55, ect) more frequently from what I've seen, and also, using daily candles on a market that doesn't close, isn't quite accurate IMO either. A 12 hour would be better or even 4 hour candles would tell the story even better. And where is your case for a bearish scenario. you seem to only be thinking this will rise and not go down.

  2. Trunks9000 14 February, 2018 at 06:46 Reply

    Ty Cred! I have a question tho.. Don't the daily candles open and close differently depending upon your location or time zone settings? What time zone do you advise?

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