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Can TONE VAYS really predict the price of Bitcoin with Technical Analysis?

Tone Vays is one of the better known figures if it comes down to price predictions for Bitcoin. He leads trading workshops does livestreams etc. But how good is technical analysis really?

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  1. Tone Vays 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Nice Video, but a few comments. Since I do video's every day, there was lots of room between the 8th and 12th for me to explain that the breakout from the 8th had failed… upon a failed breakout the entire move becomes bearish… A trader would then exit the bullish trade and make up from the loss on the bearish side… the $7,500 target is still the plan so let's see what happens.

    As for Influence… one year ago I had about 3,000 followers… the reason I have 111,000 now is cause people care what I have to say… If I start thinking about the number of followers I know have before providing my opinion on the market, i might as well shut down my twitter account.

    ON A SIDE NOTE: I see you have affiliate links to cloud mining… so my default opinion of you is you are recommending projects that are inevitable to become Ponzie's. I would never have an affiliate link like that.

  2. Just SomeGuy 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Is bitcoin equivalent to the stock market is the question? Culturally, philosophically, and financially it is not. Can we draw similarities, yes. But should we not consider the other factors beyond a technical analysis in order to make wise investment decisions? An overall analysis of say bitcoin should be different than say Ripple even as they are completely different cryptos culturally.

  3. bio harz 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Hey, @sunny decree. That dip with 7.5k$ happened! By the way: As a traditional trader you should set up a stop loss! As a buy and HODLER, just buy and HODL BTC, at Tone says. He is also mentioned to not trading Bitcoin rather than traditional marketing. Because bitcoin is unpredictable. It can go up or down every moment for 100%. What is about your prediction on BitConnect? May I should make some videos that blame you for BitConnect and other cloud mining Ponzi schemes?

  4. Jamos Riki 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Lol TA is unneeded if you don't know what you are doing. You would be a complete imbecile to expect someone to get it right everytime. I like different people's analysis and make a judgement from a couple rather than just one. The good ones are saying similar things to Tone.

  5. Zcrypto AntiGenius 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Who the hell are you to evaluate TONE VAYS!!!! he is one of the best personalities in Crypto Space!!!! Math is the mother of all sciences and from numbers you can predict and evaluate each and every thing in this world. From a person to a tech stock!!!

  6. Lil Trady 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    I am sorry for your understanding of TA. Even if its textbook Technical Analysis there is NEVER a 100% chance based on graphs. If you spot 70%-80% probability trades you done extremelly well. First 6 minutes of your video is bragging how Tone Vays predicted 1 analysis from 8 january wrong. Lol you probably lost money blind trusting this trade and now you cry. This video is total nonsense, you are just a youtuber who were promoting bitconnect not long ago, and Tone Vays is making milions a month with his methods and skills.

  7. Alexander Coles 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    TA is not to be right all the time. IF tony or another other TA is wrong sometimes it does not mean their method is invalid. TA is based on probability. If your right 70% of the time and wrong 30% of the time. You should be 70% better of than if you just HODL. Don't fall in to the classical trap of confirmation bias. Which is to believe IN something and to look for evidence that confirms your pre existing beliefs. You said yourself you don't understand it and don't believe in it. So I would argue you can't comment on it being valid or not. As you have admitted you don't understand it. Simply put, don't comment on something, if you don't know about it.

  8. Hope4Today9 Now 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    No, you don't buy the red 9's. He clearly informs you when using the sequential counting tool to buy the green 2's if and only if the price is higher than the previous green 1& following a red 9. The red 9 only signals the possibility of a change in direction of one to four days (& that's if your looking at the daily chart). AS for the bottom Per my understanding chartist such as Tone want to see a big old hammer candle at the price bottom of the daily chart and we didn't get that; we came close twice, still hasn't happened…. However can he effect price? Maybe he can for an hour or two. See a chartist just reads the charts and once the week goes green they'll start talking about have a target price to the up side.

  9. Angelo Albertini 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    You are very critical of Tony. Tony gets it right most of the time. Nobody is 100% you idiot. This video deserve s a big thumbs down. I don't want to come across like a troll but your an idiot and some of the videos you publish are complete shite.

  10. Karlo Rubčić 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    giveaway time! I love it. not feeling lucky tho 😀 keep up the good work. channel is going to the moon 🙂 XRP or ETH which one would you choose?


  11. bitcoin EMS 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    oh man, I really love these giveaways. good strategy to grow your channel I want to win. Do you think all lending platforms exit scam eventually?


  12. Bernardo Salles 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    another video full of detail. it's wonderful. i can't thank you enough. What would your strategy be if you lost everything and started to invest again in crypto with $10000?


  13. HandeadSolo 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    sir your videos are just not boring, understandable and so educative. Thank you so much about that. Am I too late to join crypto train?


  14. Slacker 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    wooow, giveaway again ?!? It's just a great one. I loved your channel, your contents and If I win this giveaway will make me super happy. Have a good evening sir! Will bitcoin be above 20k's again soon?


  15. QUNEX 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    First of all, I want to wish you all best about your life because you look like a really dedicated person. Daily videos and give me so good informations, I really appreciate it. Why the transaction fees of Bitcoin too much?


  16. John Michael 12 February, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    Very great video man. I'll keep following your videos. I am just a beginner investoroh What do you think the price of BTC gonna be in 2 years?


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