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$80 Billion in Market Cap Lost Overnight! Crypto News Updates. Bitcoin Taxes.

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  1. Total Bullion 13 January, 2018 at 09:03 Reply

    Lol relax everyone. Coinmarketcap chose to eliminate all money that comes from Korea !! So boom there goes the loss. The money is there, the just aren't adding it to the total for some reason

  2. David Johnson 13 January, 2018 at 09:03 Reply

    Is the USI tech site no longer paying on packages? They released a notice in the back office that they stopped payments – I assumed commissions but it might be all payments because they are saying people are setting up fake accounts and they won't pay those. My account shows nothing happening. Anyone? Check your account?

  3. chris thorney 13 January, 2018 at 09:03 Reply

    hey man it seems coin market cap and others have stopped counting korean exchanges in the market cap man for some reason, but other than that most coins have been dumping since because people are panic selling due to the apparent drop but none of the exchanges show a drop at that time

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