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List Building – List Building Cash Machine

What if you could simultaneously build a quality and highly responsive opt in list and get paid for doing it at the same time?
Is not that the point of growing your list … to grow your business.
Yes, and would not be great if you could do that and actually have measurable and expected returns on the amount of each subscriber who joins your list? If your answer is yes, then you are correct.
The way to do this is to combine the three most powerful forms of internet marketing. The opt-in email, the ebook and the article.

How do you do this most successfully? Well when you have valuable information to give your market, that information is gold. If you can create in-hand cash profits for your ebook reader, do not you think that they would be willing to pay you for it? Of course they are.

That is why a quality and informative tutorial ebook well written and adding value to the reader is the best place to start. There are many places online that will allow you to create an ebook with software and even a few that will allow you to do this for free. Once you have your ebook in place, the next thing you need to do is to create well written articles. These can be outsourced to a quality providing copywriter that you trust, or you could even do them yourself.

I recommend outsourcing them because the task can be laborious if you do not really love writing. Once you target your ebook reader by offering them quality content information in a relevant subject of your article, you can post the link to the ebook into the author bio section following your article. This ensures that every reader of your article will know that they need to download a copy of your ebook after reading the article, because this is the only place that they can get it for free. That information alone will be enough to make sure that they know that you are providing them with value at no cost to them.

Most readers will appreciate this and take the time to honestly read and evaluate the information that you have provided for them. Because of this, this means that you can use your article to highlight and hit upon the points that need to be discussed in order to have the most profitable experience possible when applying the principles covered in the ebook. After clicking on the link at the bottom of the article, the reader will have the opportunity to download the ebook for free and then to receive the profitable email messages after subscribing on the opt in page.

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