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What is it That Winners Do Differently? Part 2

Winners do something different from the rest of us. In this 2 part article series I’m writing down the common behaviours almost all successful people share. Through these kinds of daily habits and behaviours they are able, over time, to consistently achieve success in the lives and bring about the future they imagined for themselves.

Successful people are realistic about life, they understand that life can never be only success and they accept failure as a natural part of the journey. Be flexible to change and improve your plans, as time goes by life will feed you new information to show you the way forward. It’s rare that anyone starts off knowing the exact path life will take. Don’t be so committed to your own opinion that you won’t admit your wrong and change tact.

This next one is super important. Take risks. It’s difficult but successful people are quite used to the feeling of coming out of their comfort zones. You see, life will continue to give us more of exactly what we already have. To change you have do something different and that could well mean going into un-chartered waters, it’s an unnerving experience but necessary.

Taking risks doesn’t mean being reckless, research and test before your making your decisions, take intelligent risks.

Associate with others who are successful already or like minded, they will have a good influence over you and be a good example. We are all influenced so much by our friends and the people we spend the most time with. Choose them well.

Planning and preparation is fine but it’s all worthless if you don’t take action. Winners are doers. They do. Find out what action is required to achieve your goals, set up your plans and pull the trigger. Act upon your plans, even if you are wrong it’s better than doing nothing. By being wrong you learn more about what could be right the next time. If you do nothing, nothing happens.

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