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What's in a Dream?

You're walking along a dark alley, heading home after being out to work at the office for the whole day. You pass by this dark alley night after night; Since it is the only road you know which leads to home. You have not encountered any danger for the past two years since you started working at the company you're currently employed in. Suddenly you see two strange looking men coming out from a corner, going towards your direction. Sensing danger, you started to hasten your steps, but then you noticed that the two strange men are already an arm's length away from you. You begin shouting for help, hoping that neighbors may hear your voice and check out what's happening. But then one of the strange men reached out to you to cover your mouth. You try to scream, and then you get up from bed, realizing it was all only a dream. After a short pause, you mutter to yourself: "I wonder what that mean?"

Dreams have puzzled men since the beginning of time. Some claim dreams are an overview of what went through a person's day, presented in a way that's creative and very different yet filled with hidden meanings. Some people mean that believe that a dream is a made-up visual expression of a repressed emotion or thought of a person. Oftentimes meanings are created out of a belief that the subconscious is tapping through the brain to communicate with the conscious side of a person. Science, on the other hand, explains dreaming through comparisons which only scientists tend to understand. Those who believe in science only tend to disregard the belief that dreaming has a meaning and purpose, while others mix myth and superstition to accepted scientific explanations.

These types of individuals also have their own set of interpretations, in order that those who are in search will somehow get an assurance that at least what they dreamed about can be explained.

No matter what a person believes in, the truth that dreams are hard to explain continues to stir up curiosity to each one. Researchers have made a conclusion that every single person dreams, whether they end up being remembered or not. With that in mind, it is therefore not surprising that a lot of people find defining and interpreting them to be something interesting to discuss with another person.

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