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Simple Solutions For Attracting New Clients

Since 2007 businesses worldwide have been looking for ways to attract and keep customers in the face of a recession. The media blasts us with depressing statistics on the number of real estate foreclosures and corporate bailouts or bankruptcies, but there are ways to keep your head above water in the face of all the bad news. Let's take a look at some simple things you can do to attract new clients.

Improve Customer Service

When there are fewer dollars to spend, customers look for more ways to stretch that dollar. Promotions and discounts are heavily marked now, causing the consumer to be desensitized to the big red lettered signs saying SALE! Consumers want the low price (not the padded one) and service that goes above and beyond their expectations. Businesses that offer free consultations or estimations on their services will absolutely attract customers, but the service has to follow through to the 'after-care' as well. Here is where the 'above and beyond' comes in. Making a follow up call after the sale can mean so much to a client, if it is made in the spirit of helpfulness, not after-sales. Offering a free service call if there is an issue at the time of follow up will not cost you much, plus it will make the customer happy. Happy customers talk about their buying experience with friends and family, and are more likely to return.

Repackage and Remind

Perhaps your brand and main specialty service is pretty well known, but you want to highlight other services you offer. Repackaging your menu of services can attract the notice of potential clients that may see your company in a new light. In addition, current clients may become aware of services they get elsewhere only because they did not know you could help them. By simply changing the colors or design of your ads, fliers, website, or menus, you can attract the attention of new clients. Remember, different colors attract different people, a simple color change could draw in a whole new set of clientele.

Be Flexible

Sometimes that winning touch can include changing the rules just a little bit. Be flexible enough to make doing business with you easier for the client. Go to them instead of them coming to you all the time. Deliver a product yourself instead of via the post or a courier. You want the client to think of your face when they are needing your product or service. It makes it more personal. Bend the rules on payment terms just a little bit, so the customer knows you understand what its like to be in a recession. Do special orders, even though it may cost a bit extra, it may mean the customer will come back to you in the future.

Incentives, Not Sales

A sale price can always be matched. The internet has made it possible for the consumer to be more price savvy than ever before, so do not expect to always have the lowest price. Instead offer incentives such as discounts on multiple purchases, a buy one get one deal or a free service call included in the purchase. You want the customer to come to your business, so give them an bonus that the other guys can not offer. Do your research on the competition and put together an iron-clad incentive that will blow everyone else out of the water.

More Training

Investing in staff training will never be a bad move, but with the purpose of attracting new clients it could be the most important thing you do as a business owner. Customer service is not rocket science, but even the most seasoned Customer Service Representative needs a refresher once in awhile. New strategies in attracting and keeping clients can often inspire employees to go that extra mile. Even communicating your own desire for more personal service to clients will inspire your employees to feel empowered in their work. That all being said, here is the secret to better customer service and increased sales: product knowledge. Every employee in your company, from the receptionist to the intern should be well versed in product knowledge. You never know when someone will have to deal with a customer and have to say the dreaded 'I do not know' when asked a technical question. Empower your staff with praise and product knowledge, and they will be happy to win over customers for you.

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