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How to Have What I Want: Vampires, Zombies and Thoughts, Oh My!

Have you ever asked yourself "How can I have what I want in my life?" I did. While the complete answer to your question is beyond the scope of this brief article, know and understand this. When you have a heartfelt desire and are willing to do your part, Infinite Intelligence (another name for the God energy) will support you beginning with the thoughts and energy you consistently hold. Awareness is key.

Using a personal example, a realization relating to becoming aware of my subreg thoughts. Foundational to the "have what I want" equation is a heartfelt desire and definite purpose (or calling) for an endeavor I believe will benefit all involved. While I'm taking consistent action in moving this project forward, I've noticed subjective thought undercurrents. They're automatic, barely above the level of consciousness and sometimes louder, sometimes softer hiss not very pleasant things like:

  • "It will take forever to get this off the ground " or
  • "Good luck with getting clear on that " or
  • " I do not have sufficient time, resources, compensation" or

… fifty thousand other disempowering thoughts that do not support conscious goals to have what I want in my life. I'm not talking about fleeting thoughts. I'm talking about automatic persistent thoughts patterns that vampire your time and energy when they're not managed.

If these vampire thoughts are allowed to run wild, the universe will gravely respond with experiences that mirror specifics: delayed fulfillment of goals, lack of clarity, "not enough." This elegantly simple reflection merits a vital reality check.


  • Shine the light of awareness by self-observation. Become aware when subtle thought patterns assert themselves that drain the life out of your conscious goals. No pointy fingers necessary. A simple notice of "oh, there it is again" will do in many cases. This takes you out of the zombie trance your subtute thoughts have held you captive in and puts you back in charge.
  • Next, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for waking up. Deliberately focus on your conscious choice goal and a joy-filled thought related to its fulfillment. Repeat as necessary.

Self-awareness is crucial to banishing thought vampires that interfere with realizing your definite purpose and goals. As I become more aware of my counterproductive thoughts, I transcend being victimized by them. It's deeply empowering to know we all have the ability to choose life-giving thoughts and the consequent actions that support the fulfillment of our heartfelt desires.

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