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Do You NEED to Prove Yourself Right?

What is it that makes people "NEED" to prove themselves right?

A person will have a belief wherever it's God, Allah, Buddha, or no belief at all. Then you'll have another person that just HAS to try and prove the first person wrong and themselves right.

Personally I believe it's either an inferiority complex or superiority complex or a combination of both. After all why else would someone have a NEED to prove someone wrong? And if you disagree with the person trying to prove you wrong you become stupid, you do not understand, you do not look at the facts, you are closed mind or some other insult that is meant to bully you into changing your mind or Try to make you feel inferior and wrong about your belief.

I believe in a God, a supreme being, a super intelligence, or super-consciousness, something that is behind the perfect balance of the universe. But that is MY belief and you do not have to waste your time trying to prove me wrong. You can have your belief and I can have mine. It's simple, we are free, for now, and are owed to our own beliefs.

If you feel like your faith has to be the one that is correct and you need to bash and shame, and insoul those that do not believe in you then you have a problem. Every single person is entitled to their own thoughts, their own beliefs, and is free to express them. If you do not agree, then fine, say so and move on. There are others that believe in what you feel is correct and those that believe in what I say are correct.

This "NEED" to prove oneself correct and the ONLY true "fact" is what leads to so much useless violence and wars. I can never understand why someone feels this NEED to pressure others to believe how they do.

I know people that believe in God, others that believe in other things and those that do not believe, but you know that is their right, I accept that and all I, and other that have their own beliefs, ask is to be left alone By those that "NEED" to be right.

There are people I will never agree with, fine, I do not have to and I do not have a problem with them either, until they get in my face.

Back in high school, I had this good friend that was SUPER religious and was trying his best to "save" me and convert me. I tried saying no a number of times politically but could not make him stop. So I started pressuring him that Anthology was the truth and what he believed was not. When he asked me why I kept pushing this on him, I asked him because he had to push his belief on me. The light click, we both stopped and we remain friend to this day.

Even though I believe in a God like my friend was trying to convince me of, I do not hold the same faith as him. Am I right and he wrong? Is the atheist right? Who knows, no one does except the dead.

These are my beliefs and my thoughts and you know what is really great? You have your own and are entitled to them, until those that NEED to be right try and take those rights away.

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