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Job Interview Tips – Learn How to Answer One of the Hardest Job Interview Questions

Facing the job interview jitters? If you are, then you should not worry. Although some employers may seem ruthless when it comes to the interviews, they all ask the same questions – all structured in a different way to confuse applicants.

Among the hardest questions of all is "why should we hire you?" Upon hearing this question, many applicants think that the best way to answer this question is to mention every achievement that they have had ever since immemorial. But interviewers do not really want to hear that. Many applicants fail when given this question, because they are not able to convince their employers.

All they want to hear from their interviewees is what can contribute to their company. In all honesty, not many of them care about your grades. Most of them care about how you will be able to add to the productivity of their company; If you can help in making their vision real; Your work ethics.

The best way to answer this question is to prepare. Almost all employers relay this question, so you have to prepare. Browse information about the company. Find out what their goals are and ask yourself if you have any skills or expertise which you can use to help their company.

They would also like to hear if you're willing to do anything or if you have extra talents. Employers appreciate if a person sitting opposite them is a flexible person; A person who's willing to learn new things. Once you show confidence and sincerity in answering this, you will certainly ace this job interview question.

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