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I Am a Revolutionary

I have been “enlightened” by author, George Barna. In his book Revolution (2005). He spells out what being a christian revolutionary is. A revolutionary is not okay with status quo Christianity. It no longer is comfortable with making a routine of their lives going to a building to worship and learn the word of God. They want to LIVE it everyday and not just because a pastor tells them to. As Americans, and that is all I can speak, have taken on the appearance of Godliness but deny the power(2 Tim.3:5)… the word is clear to stay away from such people-YIKES! I have done my christian duties and invited the unchurched to church for them to get saved and then helped them get into a small group BUT they were still starving, as was I. They had an encounter with church but not the Holy Spirit. SO, in say all of this, I have been led to read authors such as George Barna, Frank Viola, Neil Cole, and I was also led to read some “reformers” in the faith such as Wesley, Schaeffer, Spurgeon, and the like. I have come to the conclusion that we just need Jesus!

George Barna laid out seven (7) passions of a revolutionary: Intimate worship, Faith Based conversation, intentional spiritual growth, servanthood, resource investment, spiritual friendships, and family faith.

We all hear this from the pulpit in some way or another but the practicality of this lifestyle is not emulated by example. We were given the Holy Spirit when we received Jesus and its up to us individually to acknowledge His presence and live accordingly which is laid out in the 7 passions of a revolutionary. George Barna was spot on when he wrote this book and I personally see revolutionaries rising and status quo being left behind. What I really appreciated about this book is that it made me realize that I was not a backslider because I didn’t conform to church as we all know it but it gave me a responsibility to make a difference in spite of that. It did not matter if I was part of a congregation or if I desired to live a revolutionary lifestyle in the comfort of my family. What did matter was that I be a vessel used by God to grow in Him and never expect man to decide my existence or purpose. If you have given your life to the Lord and want to live solely for Him, its up to you! I have discovered that I am a revolutionary because He desires more of me and I want to please Him. I suggest this book to anyone who feels trapped, unfulfilled, and is wondering why. God has a purpose and sometimes its just not in 4 walls!!!

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